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Salvis Salamander Classic

This model cover the traditional Salamander demand and feature the latest technology.

Dozens of plus points for you:

  • Compact
    Due to its compact exterior dimensions, it can be used in many areas, and can even be integrated into the ceiling hood.
  • High quality
    The stabile design warrants a long product life, even if used daily and continuously.
  • Automatic plate detection
    The switchable clever function detects plates and bowls on its own and switches the Salamander on and off automatically. Due to the quick heating systems, you will save precious energy when cooking “au gratin”.
For all models, you have the choice between the traditional Pipe heater (RH) and the fast HiLight heater (HL).    

Salvis Salamander Vitesse

This model has a lot more useful features besides its outstanding material quality and ease of cleaning.

Dozens of plus points for you:

  • User-friendly
    Due to its 4-sided accessibility, its efficiency can be increased and work becomes simpler.
  • Multifunctional
    The Salamander Standard can be remodelled into a wall, table or ceiling mounted model.
  • Design
    The exclusive and lavish design has something to show. The Vitesse model can be used in any designer kitchen, show kitchen or in the front cooking area.

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